About Winzum


As you probably aren’t used to hearing about an online competitions UK site that ensures that everybody can win something.

With Winzum we are striving to connect the dots between brands and consumers, creating a competition community where there are chicken dinners all round.

Winzum is new company for 2022, and we are seeking to operate genuinely in a space that has been used by nasty and cheeky data hungry corporations for far too long.

Our ethos in a nutshell

At Winzum we pride ourselves on being totally different, and making competitions way more fun, creative and downright awesome. Our philosophy is simple: to provide you guys with a range of eye-catching contests, but without any of the funny business that is often associated with paid and free to enter online competitions.

That means we are as transparent as a freshly cleaned pane of glass. With Winzum the negative stigma of entering online competitions will be no more. Want to learn more? You can find our primary brand objectives in a neat little article here. [Winzum’s Primary Brand Objectives]

How it all works

Sound good? We thought so, and now you’ll be itching to know a little about how it all works. Entering online competitions via Winzum could not be easier, all you have to do is sign up and the rest is child’s play.

We’re all about clarity and fun over at Winzum, something that will become plainly obvious as soon as you load up our website. The directions to enter a competition could not be clearer, and after a small entrance fee you can look forward to getting your paws on a range of sumptuous prizes.

We love inclusivity too, so the more people that enter a competition, the better the prizes will be. Share it with your friends, your family, even your dog… With Winzum everybody wins! There are more tips on how to give yourself the best chances of winning a competition available here too [Top tips to win online competitions], you cannot say we’re not generous…

What makes Winzum so different

As a brand we are completely committed to offering the inhabitants of the world something truly unique and fun.

First and foremost we completely reject any notion of spam, and we treat your data as seriously as we would like ours to be treated. That means no dodgy backstreet deals, and no spam emails asking you to subscribe to anything you don’t want too.

Unlike the majority of online competitions around these days, at Winzum we also like to ensure that everybody wins. This means that contestants will receive small prizes and incentives simply for entering a competition. Winzum – everyone’s a winner.

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