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It’s always exciting to win an online competition, but what about when the prize in question is also super exclusive? It adds a whole extra element of exhilaration to proceedings, which is why Winzum are always on the look out for quality prizes for our giveaways that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Cast your mind back to our Roni Size x Inkh. giveaway, for example, where two signed albums from the man himself were up for grabs, as well as some limited edition Inkh. garments. Amazingly this competition also gave us the opportunity to donate £200 to Bristol Children’s Hospital Cancer Unit.

Exclusive competition prizes are a key part of what makes Winzum stand out from the crowd, and there is plenty more where this came from. Word through the grapevine is that there may be some sold-out festival tickets to get your paws on soon, but for now we are ecstatic to run a competition for a limited edition Mad Hatters Tea Party canvas by renowned Bristol street artist Cheba.

This beautifully colourful canvas print combines the mediums of oil, acrylic and spray paint, resulting in a truly unique and vibrant painting. For those unaware of the veteran artist Cheba, he is a Bristol-based creator who began in the street art scene, but has since worked on huge projects such as the MINI 60th Anniversary celebrations.

After almost a year and a half of being mainly confined to our homes as a result of the dastardly Covid-19 pandemic, has there ever been a better time to invest in your interior design? The Cheba Mad Hatters Tea Party canvas is perfect for this – we’re not sure we would ever tire of seeing it in all of its zestful and vibrant glory.

Aside from running the best online competitions possible, Winzum are also steadfastly committed to customer safety and ease of use. Accordingly we are always 100% sure to abide by SSL and GDPR protocols, whilst also ensuring that it is extremely easier to enter a Winzum competition.

It really is as simple as following this link. We will need your email address in order to notify you if you win, and also to let you know of any discounts you may receive through our online competition partners. These discounts are forwarded on to you through us, so your data stays with Winzum and goes nowhere else. This is it though, as you can see from our brand objectives, there is strictly no spam on the menu!

Those are the basics out of the way regarding out the Winzum Mad Hatters Tea Party canvas by Cheba giveaway, keep reading for a deeper exploration into the seminal UK artist.

Cheba: About the iconic Bristol street artist

Okay, so who is Cheba? The iconic Bristol street artist has been plying his trade for over two decades now, growing into a truly multi-faceted and versatile artist whilst never losing sight of his graffiti influenced roots. His experimentation is often what sets him apart, using various artistic mediums, as well as finding influences in a variety of different places and contexts.

The story starts in the early 2000s, where a young Cheba quickly became immersed in street art culture, finding a welcome home in Bristol’s famous graffiti scene. He quickly found a passion for painting the city’s landscape, becoming an important figure in the city’s artistic ecosystem as a result.

Take a walk around Bristol and you can still see various pieces of Cheba art across the city, whether they be building-sized murals, or more subtle pieces of street art. The artist isn’t solely confined to his spray can either, regularly mixing it up with other mediums such as oil, acrylic and ink.

Typically street artists can find it hard to properly break into the mainstream, however due to the complexity of Cheba’s various themes he has regularly found a home in more institutionalised settings. He was featured in the “Crimes of Passion” show at the Royal West Academy of Arts, for example, and even the House of Commons.

Impressive achievements like this don’t stop there either. Back in 2019 (doesn’t it seem like a lifetime ago?) Cheba was chosen to be the official MINI 60th Anniversary artist. He was tasked with decorating two MINI Cooper’s that were then driven around Europe, before settling down in Munich’s BMW museum alongside other designs by icons like David Bowie and Andy Warhol.

Furthermore, like Winzum, the artist is also heavily committed to charitable contributions, as he regularly donates pieces or murals to various charities. At fundraiser art auctions such as Gromits Unleashed and Wow Gorillas, Cheba’s prints and sculptures have raised over £38,000 – pretty impressive!

What inspires Cheba?

Almost all of Cheba’s art pieces are instantaneously eye-catching, and outrageously exciting. The artist achieves this through an innovative approach to painting techniques, as well as the vast breadth of his influences and inspirations.

A recurring theme in his work is the continued blurring of the lines between what is abstract, and what is real. Cheba’s roots in street art have set the foundations for an extraordinary level of experimentation, where the real-life world constantly blends into that of fantasy and colourful, almost hallucinatory, abstraction.

You can see this in his canvas prints, however it becomes even more obvious in regard to his infamous street murals. A great example of this can be found on College Street in Bristol, where Cheba’s love of space led him to create a mind-boggling mural of the galaxies as seen from the Hubble Space Telescope. Not only is it beautiful, but as you walk past you are transported far away from everyday reality.

Indeed, in recent times the Bristolian artist has been deeply inspired by space, in particular by images of so-called “deep space”. This has naturally led to investigation into new artistic techniques, with Cheba pioneering a resin based approach to capturing the intricacies of nebulas that is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Concepts such as space, magic and the unknown are all pivotal to Cheba’s works, which goes a long way in explaining the awe-inspiring level of astronomical and abstract capacity in his work. These themes are important to other artists too, but it is truly rare to find someone using such a diverse amount of techniques to achieve this.

All in all, however, Cheba’s approach to art is all about the love of expressing yourself, something that suits street art particularly well. As he says himself in a 2018 interview with Reebok.

“it’s no rules basically, just do what you want to do and express yourself”. Entering our Winzum Mad Hatters Tea Party canvas by Cheba giveaway is the perfect way to see this for yourself.

Previous pieces of famous Cheba art

Cheba has been operating for two decades, so as you can imagine he has a pretty impressive back-catalogue of works by now. The brilliant thing here is that although there are many Cheba pieces of art up for sale, there are also loads more dotted around urban cityscapes – it’s the beautifully democratic influence of street art!

To help you get a better idea of exactly what Cheba is about, here are some previous pieces of famous art from the man himself:

  1. MINI 60th Anniversary: As we mentioned before, Cheba was at the controls for the MINI 60th Anniversary celebrations, joining a pantheon of creatives like David Bowie, Paul Smith and Andy Warhol who previously made special designs for MINI. Cheba went for a typically intricate and dazzling multi-coloured acid rain style here, turning a lot of heads in the process.

  2. Gromit Unleashed: Fetching an impressive £28,000 at the Gromit Unleashed charity auction, Cheba’s painted sculpture of Gromit is heavily influenced by the cosmos. It is unmistakeably created by the artist, perfectly showing off his influences and spray painting techniques. The sculpture is currently situated on the 1st floor of Harvey Nichol’s in Cabot Circus – pretty cool!

  3. Beyond the Pale Blue Dot: In 2014 Cheba had the chance to program his own solo art show at It’s All 2 Much Gallery in Bristol, entitled Beyond the Pale Blue Dot. As you can probably gather from the title, the overarching theme was heavily influenced by the vast extremities of the universe, in particular star clusters and nebulas as pictured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The fascinating history of street art

Street art as we know it only began in earnest back in the 1970s, but it has already become a crucial part of popular urban culture. Just look around next time you are walking through a city, or even on the train or motorway – street art is everywhere. The most impressive thing is you often cannot even fathom how graffiti artists have managed to tag places like high-rise buildings or bridges.

Whilst the true foundations of modern street art were first set in 1970s and 1980s New York, you can trace things back even further to the 1920s and 1930s, where gangs first began using tags on trains and city walls. It was in the latter decades, however, that graffiti became a tool for the disenfranchised youth to fight back.

This also coincided with other largely youth-led cultural movements, with there being a significant interplay between skateboarding and hip-hop scenes that has continued into the 21st century. A few notable examples of this are with figures such as Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys and drum & bass pioneer Goldie.

By the 1990s graffiti had spread all around the world, and now-infamous artists were popping up left, right and centre. Perhaps the most significant of these was the illusive Banksy, who emerged out of Bristol during the beginning of the decade. His work perfectly illustrates the political potential of graffiti, whilst also tracing its artistic influences back to the pop-art style of Andy Warhol amongst others.

At first graffiti and street art culture were often heavily victimised by the authorities, carrying notoriously negative connotations that would regularly lead to trouble with the law. Nowadays, however, street art in the form of murals is often welcomed, especially in creative cities such as Bristol and Brighton. Great evidence of this is the fact that you can now buy prints from street artists such as Cheba to hang at home. And remember, by entering our Mad Hatters Tea Party canvas by Cheba giveaway, you may not even have to pay!

Covid-19, lockdown and the importance of interior design

It is pretty much impossible not to mention the elephant in the room at some point: Covid-19. The global pandemic has meant that we all have had to spend a lot more time in our homes than ever before, which has subsequently led to a greater emphasis on interior design. Because let’s face it: the interior of your home can have a great influence on how you feel pretty much every day.

There are various aspects to this of course, and the most important is probably just making sure you are on top of basic cleanliness and tidiness. Whilst this is absolutely true, it is also important to never underestimate the affect that beautiful pieces of art, ornaments or other furniture can have.

For example, just imagine having one of Cheba’s deeply intricate and awe-inspiring prints hanging on one of your walls. Walking past it every day would instil a sense of wonder, even if you don’t even realise it was going on in your unconscious mind.

And here’s the thing: you don’t even have to imagine this! Entering our Mad Hatters Tea Party canvas by Cheba giveaway could be all you need to do to get your paws on a now sold-out piece of art from the man himself…

Winzum’s “No spam on the menu” policy

Before we round things up, just a quick word on our “No spam on the menu” policy. Winzum is all about doing online competitions the right way, which means that alongside offering fantastic, interesting and often super-exclusive competition prizes, we are also determined to give you lot the best possible user experience.

Many other online competition platforms will repeatedly spam you with emails as soon as you enter a competition, but that’s just now how we roll at all. The only emails you will receive from us will be to notify any lucky competition winners, or to hit you with an exclusive discount from one of our brand partners. Nothing more, nothing less!

What you could win in the Winzum Mad Hatters Tea Party canvas by Cheba giveaway

Cheba’s Mad Hatters Tea Party canvas is exemplary of his experimental approach to artistic mediums, utilizing oil, acrylic and spray paint to create a wonderfully colourful piece of abstract art. The piece uses a similar style to his MINI 60th Anniversary design, blending a vibrant colour palette in a rough and chaotic style.

The 15x18 inch print is absolutely perfect for instilling a pulsating dash of colour to your interior, and due to the fact it is now sold out, the Winzum Mad Hatters Tea Party canvas by Cheba giveaway is the only place to get your paws on it.

Head to the competition landing page (link in the image below) for your chance to win!

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