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Winzum was established out of a love for doing online competitions the right way. That means genuinely interesting, thoughtful and often grassroots prizes, as well as a community driven approach to an online competition world that can easily be saturated by corporate and largely faceless rubbish.

Moreover, Winzum stands wholeheartedly against online scammers and data farmers, which is why there are so many articles on our blog (the scary world of 21st century data farming) on the topic. And you do have to be careful these days, because online safety analysts have reported the likelihood of being hit by a social media competition scam has increased by 13 times in the last half a year alone.

You needn’t worry about any of that with Winzum though, because our online competition model is geared exclusively towards community and customer safety – no funny business. In order to say thanks to our regular competitors we have decided to start a monthly follower draw to complement our other giveaways .

Up for grabs is a sumptuous Cotswold Picnic Hamper, perfect for the sunnier, warmer and longer spring days that we all have to look forward too. This is no average hamper either, as Handmade Hamper have packed it full of luxurious treats including artisan Peter’s Yard crisp breads, a selection of premium bubblies, decadent Cheshire Cheese Co. truckles and a lot more.

Entering our monthly follower competitions is slightly different to our regular giveaways. We’re really looking to enhance our wonderful community, and as a result all you have to do to enter is drop a comment on either our Facebook or Instagram post. Keep reading for a better look at the Winzum Cotswold Picnic Hamper monthly followers draw.

What’s in the Cotswold Picnic Hamper?

The Cotswold Picnic Hamper comes courtesy of Handmade Hamper, a family run business operating out of Redcar in the North East. Their catalogue of hampers is perfect for a variety of occasions. Christmas hampers, Valentines hampers, Father’s Day hampers… You name it, Handmade Hamper have an option that will be exactly what you need.

Furthermore, on top of their exceptional hamper selection, Handmade Hamper have also made their products extremely customisable. Each hamper comes with a choice of drink, cheese and pate, for example, so customers can revel in a personalised picnic basket with all their favourites.

The Cotswold Picnic Hamper is an expertly put together blend of award winning picnic items from some of the UK’s best artisan food providers. Handmade Hamper have scoured the country for an incredibly tasty selection of sweet treats, savoury snacks and alcoholic delights – you would do well to find a better looking picnic basket!

But what exactly could you get your paws on by winning the Winzum Cotswold Picnic Hamper monthly followers draw? Here are a few of our favourite items:

  1. Cheshire Cheese Co. Waxed Cheese Truckle: As far as cheeses go it doesn’t get much more luxurious than a waxed cheese truckle, especially from a provider as celebrated as the Cheshire Cheese Co. Their selection of cheeses are out of this world, with several different types to choose from. You could go for a classic in the Traditional Cheshire, or push the boat out with unique flavours like the Strawberries, Cream & Champagne, or even the Sticky Toffee Heaven.

  2. Rendle’s Pate: For the pate lovers out there, Handmade Hamper provide a fantastic selection of different products from Rendle’s. Venison, pork and duck are available, all of which would go lovely paired with some Peter’s Yard crisp bread. Vegetarians are also very well catered for, as you can always swap out the pate for a selection of quality olives.

  3. Mrs Darlington’s Piccalilli: One of the undersung heroes of the British picnic, you can always count on piccalilli to bring a hamper to life. A blend of pickles, mustard and spices, Mrs Darlington’s Piccalilli is the perfect counterpart to some of the heavier items on the Cotswold Picnic Hamper menu.

  4. Hadleigh Maid Walnut Whirls: The great thing about picnic hampers is that they often give us a chance to indulge in traditional British treats, and the Hadleigh Maid Walnut Whirls are a brilliant example of this. The Suffolk based confectioners have been in the game for almost half a century, providing a modern twist on an absolute classic.

  5. YummyComb: An outrageously tasty fusion of honeycomb and salted caramel Belgian chocolate, YummyComb nuggets will be a dream come true for those with a sweet tooth. After all of that wonderful savoury food, this is the perfect way to found off the Cotswold Picnic Hamper experience!

  6. Moet & Chandon Champagne: This is just one of the several different bottles to choose from in the Cotswold Picnic Hamper, providing a touch of class to proceedings. There is never a bad time for a bottle of bubbly, but having one whilst out in the countryside eating a selection of luxurious snacks has got to be one of the best.

British Spring time: Is there a better time for a picnic?

After what has seemed like the longest winter of all time, at last the beautiful elements of British springtime have begun to flower into view. Picnics are usually thought of as the quintessential summer activity, but we’re about to flip the script here…

Because when you really stop and think about it, is there a better time for a picnic than the spring? You have to wait until it gets warm enough to sit outside of course, but when it inevitably does we are all treated to an abundance of fresh natural beauty. Moreover, there is no worry of it getting too hot either!

The novelty of the sun can never fully wear off, but during springtime it definitely takes on a more poignant beauty. It is truer now than ever, as the locked down Covid-19 beginning of 2021 couldn’t seem to get any greyer. As restrictions continue to loosen and the sun shines ever brighter, now is the perfect time to get stuck into a Cotswold Picnic Hamper.

So, what are you waiting for? Entering our Winzum Cotswold Picnic Hamper monthly followers draw is incredibly simple, there’s simply no excuse. Imagine being the winner. You could sit amongst the flowering blossoms, enjoying some premium cheese and other artisan delights whilst gazing out into the British countryside thinking about the pleasures of spring and summertime to come.

How to enter our new monthly followers draw

Winzum competitions are always extremely easy to enter, but with our new monthly followers draws we want to make the process even simpler. Literally all you have to do is give us a follow across our socials at @facebook and @instagram and drop a comment on our [monthly Facebook follower post] or [monthly Instagram follower post] when the giveaway goes live. It really is as simple as that – stress free glee. Don't forget to like and follow too!

After the specified time period is up we’ll take all of our wonderful entrants names and run them through Osortoo, a random selection tool designed specifically for social media competitions. It is very important that this is done as transparently as possible. As we said before: Winzum do online competitions the right way.

So make sure you are following Winzum on Facebook and Instagram, it’s the only way to make sure you don’t miss out on our monthly follower giveaways!

Winzum: Building a genuine community

Winzum live and breathe competitions, but not in the way that some other corporate platforms do. Oh no, for Winzum the most important thing is a sense of community, which is the main reason why we’ve decided to run these monthly follower giveaways.

Take a look at our primary brand objectives and you will see exactly what we mean. Our ethos is centred entirely around fun, charity, community and keeping people connected with as many cool brands and organisations as possible – it’s chicken dinners all round, always.

A great example of this can be found with the recent Winzum Roni Size x Inkh. giveaway. Not only did this give our followers a chance to connect with drum & bass icon Roni Size and independent Bristol based streetwear company Inkh., but it also resulted in a £200 donation Bristol Children’s Hospital Cancer Unit (About our Roni Size x Inkh. giveaway and donation to Bristol Children’s Hospital Cancer Unit).

Make sure to follow Winzum on our socials so you can get more involved with this community aspect. You will be the first to know about our various giveaways, and who knows? You might even find a new brand that you end up loving through us too.

Online safety and the Winzum “no spam on the menu” policy

If there is one thing that is more important to us than community, it’s online safety. The Internet can be a dangerous place these days, but with Winzum you can rest assured that you are in incredibly safe hands. Our computer boffins have worked long and hard to make the Winzum platform watertight, ensuring that all sensitive data is protected by strict SSL compliant code.

Furthermore, you may have noticed our “no spam on the menu” policy before, and it’s something that we will always be 100% committed too. Because nobody wants a load of rubbish piling up in their email inbox, do they? We’re a talkative bunch, but you will never receive any emails from Winzum that you don’t want. The only time we will be in contact is to let you know you’ve won, treat you to an exclusive offer surrounding one of our competition prizes, or alert you to a new free giveaway up on the Winzum website.

And another thing: Winzum are incredibly data sensitive, so we will never sell your personal data to anybody. We wouldn’t want you doing it to us, so there’s no way we’d ever do it to you…

Keep your eyes and ears out for more Winzum giveaways

Over the last few months Winzum followers have been given the chance to get their paws on several exciting things, and it’s only going to get more fun as time goes on. Keep your eyes and eyes out for more Winzum giveaways – you never know what might be up for grabs next!

But for now, get commenting on the Winzum Cotsworld Picnic Hamper monthly follower posts on our socials and don't forget to give us a like and follow too. It’s all you have to do to enter – easy breezy.

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