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If you have been keeping an eye on our Winzum blog you’ll know that we’re into a lot of different things, from helping you out with cyber security [the importance of data and cyber security], all the way through to giving top tips on how to win the most pub quizzes possible [how to win a pub quiz every single time]. But at the end of the day, it’s online competitions that we love the most, and luckily for you we have yet another on our hands!

For fans of drum & bass this competition prize is going to be difficult to ignore, as we’ve managed to get our hands on a now sold-out super-exclusive dub pack from the drum & bass trio The Sauce, aka a DLR, Hydro and Spinback.

These guys have been absolutely killing it in the drum & bass scene recently, and we thought we’d continue with the exclusive dub pack giveaways after the Winzum Break USB competition. Keep reading for more info on how to enter this super exclusive set of trailblazing drum & bass music from The Sauce.

The Sauce: cutting-edge drum & bass trio

The Sauce have only really started getting going in the last year, as certified drum & bass producers DLR, Hydro and Spinback decided to get into the studio together. Yet in such a short amount of time the trio have unleashed a series of heavyweight drum & bass stonkers, gaining attention from across the scene.

Listening to tracks such as 3 Dots, Down Like This and Spooked immediately makes you realise why The Sauce are so hyped, with outrageously crisp bass and serenely clean mixdowns. The latter track, released on DJ Hype’s influential Playaz Recordings, is a particular favourite, blending spooky atmospherics and a forward-thinking techy bass line. You can listen to it below.

… And The Sauce is a label too

Bristol based The Sauce are also a record-label too, with the trio releasing productions under The Sauce Recordings name. The criteria for music on the label? As long as it features a whole lot of sauce anything goes!

So far The Sauce Recordings has only released tracks from The Sauce and various collaborators such as Jakes, however who knows how it will expand in the future.

What is the “The Sauce Fresh Dubs In Hot Sauce Dub Pack?

There’s a bit of a background on The Sauce for you, now it’s time to get excited about “The Sauce Fresh Dubs In Hot Sauce Dub Pack”. It comes on a custom made USB that features 12 super-exclusive and never-to-be-released The Sauce productions, so you’ll be one of only a handful of people to ever have access to them!

There’s more too, because the USB comes in a Fresh Dubs In Hot Sauce can, where you can keep your The Sauce USB, money, other valuables or even herbs and spices…

How to enter the Winzum “The Sauce Fresh Dubs In Hot Sauce Dub Pack" Giveaway

At Winzum we really want to streamline the online competition entry process as much as possible, so there’s no need to share anything, leave comments or part with valuable personal information. Oh no, we just need your email address so we can contact you if you win, and that’s it.

And remember, any time you want us to get rid of your email from our database all you have to do is ask! Enter the Winzum “The Sauce Fresh Dubs In Hot Sauce Dub Pack" Giveaway below;

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