How to get through the lockdown 3.0


Can you remember life before Covid-19? At Winzum we’re not even sure we can anymore. It seems like a completely different lifetime, but the funny thing is it was only a year ago that the virus was starting to spread consistently across Europe and the rest of the world. Oh, how much has changed in the last 12 months, eh? Sometimes it can feel like things will never be the same again.

That certainly seems to be the thinking during the current lockdown 3.0 – the novelty has worn off, and in many ways things have never been harder. But here’s the thing: despite the grey and gloom, there are reasons to feel optimistic and hopeful. Here at Winzum we really value our online competition community, and we thought we’d put together a few ways to get through lockdown 3.0…

Remember, there is definite light at the end of tunnel now…

After almost a year of the pandemic it is very easy to start feeling hopeless, especially during a cold and gloomy lockdown in which it is hard to find distractions, but we all have to remember that there is a definite light at the end of the tunnel now.

In the UK especially the vaccine rollout is hurtling along at quite some pace, which puts us in a very different position to in March 2020. Touch wood of course, but it feels as though this might just be the last slog before a gradual return to normal. Always keep that in the back of your mind!

… But don’t get too wrapped up in the news

Again though, for all the good news regarding vaccines nowadays, there is also a hell of a lot of bad news, and it is crucial that you stop yourself from getting too wrapped up in it all. The news cycle for the last several months has been pretty demoralizing, and it only gets worse the more you get sucked into it.

We all need to keep up-to-date with everything going on, but a good way to get through lockdown 3.0 with a bit more hope is to concentrate on the good news, rather than just the bad. Trade newspaper headlines for more obscure pieces of slightly more optimistic news, it’s not like it doesn’t exist!

The cold weather is difficult, but it’s still vital to get outside

Although the first lockdown was profoundly shocking and took some getting used too, at least we had the weather. Back then the spring and summer were our saving grace, however in lockdown 3.0 the grey and gloom of the British winter has come into full effect.

Yes, it might be difficult to spend too long outside, but it is still absolutely vital that you do, we cannot stress that enough. If you’re worried about getting wet, why not check our recent Winzum Tech Rader on Home and Dry [winzum tech radar home & dry]? An app that gives you very precise data on the weather!

Quizzes are a great way to keep you and the family occupied

If you know us at Winzum you’ll know that we love a good quiz, and these knowledge competitions are a great way to keep yourself occupied during lockdown 3.0. The best thing about quizzes is that they can literally come in an infinite amount of variations, in fact, you can even very easily make your own!

And not only are quizzes fun, but they can also do wonders for your general knowledge on so many things. Take the Earth day quiz [ever heard of the earth day quiz], for example, something that is vital for spreading ecological and environmental awareness.

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