Ever heard of Earth Day quizzes?


Over at Winzum we like to pride ourselves on being the friendliest, kindest and most downright awesome online competition platform in all the land, and one of the ways in which we ensure this is possible is through exploring a lot more interesting things than just competitions. For example, everybody loves a quiz these days, and our blog is full of interesting histories [a brief history of quizzes], and also top tips too [how to win a pub quiz every single time].

These days the world of quizzes has been dramatically increased due to the Internet, and there has really never been a better time to be a quiz fanatic. Indeed, have you experienced the crazy world of Buzzfeed quizzes [a brief overview of buzzfeed quizzes]? There’s a frankly ludicrous amount of choice here. And the same goes for Earth Day quizzes too…

What are Earth Day quizzes?

Are you keen to test your knowledge of our wonderful planet? If so Earth Day quizzes are definitely the quiz varieties for you, as they are completely wrapped up in animal, environmental and ecological questions. Earth Day quizzes are designed to test your knowledge, just as much as they are designed to give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of the predicament that we find ourselves in at the moment.

Although Earth Day quizzes aren’t exclusively associated with the EarthDay.Org environmental organisation, this is where they started, and they are particularly popular on Earth Day, which falls on the 22nd of April this year. At Winzum we’re definitely going to be marking the occasion with a few Earth Day quizzes, what about you?

What is the point of Earth Day quizzes?

Quizzes are pretty much always great fun, and this is kind of the point of them, as well as learning some extra trivia knowledge. With Earth Day quizzes, however, there is a deeper meaning, because they are simultaneously fun quizzes to take part in, and also a vital way to highlight the climate and environment problem.

This takes on even more importance with children, the main demographic that Earth Day quizzes tend to be aimed at. Giving this kind of education to young people is extremely important, which is why Earth Day quizzes are held in such high regard these days.

Where can I find Earth Day quizzes?

All this talk of Earth Day quizzes is probably getting you in the mood to give one a go yourself, but where can you find Earth Day quizzes? Luckily for us Earth Day quizzes are very popular nowadays, and can be found in a variety of different places, such as National Geographic, and even Google’s homepage.

The best place to go, however, is the EarthDay.Org website, as this is where the sensational concept first burst onto the scene. So, what are you waiting for? Play your part in saving the planet, and enter an Earth Day quiz today!

Top tips to win an Earth Day quiz

Did you really think we would leave you without any tips to win an Earth Day quiz? That’s not how we roll here at Winzum, you know we’re always looking to help! The first thing to remember when it comes to Earth Day quizzes is that your wildlife and ecology trivia will have to be absolutely top-notch, so make sure you revise that beforehand!

Want some more super Winzum quiz tips? Head over here [tips & tricks to maximise quiz success], you cannot say we don’t treat you!

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