Things to avoid in Instagram competitions

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At Winzum we are an honest online competition platform first and foremost, however we are also fully committed to creating an online competition community in which we can help safeguard you lovely lot from nasty and dishonest platforms that appear with Instagram competitions, for example.

You may have already seen are set of advice in regard to things to avoid in Facebook competitions [things to avoid in Facebook competitions], and there are a lot of things to look out for in the world of Instagram competitions too. Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of! Keep reading for some of the main things to avoid in Instagram competitions.

Instagram competitions run by dodgy profiles

The first thing that anybody should do before potentially entering an Instagram competition is have a good old look at the Instagram profile that is running it. There are plenty of legitimate and exciting Instagram competitions being run these days, however at the same time there are also quite a few Instagram competitions being run by fake profiles for nasty purposes.

A dodgy Instagram competition profile is quite easy to spot too, in most cases it won’t have too many followers, and any brand logos will be ever so slightly wrong. If you keep an eye out and think critically about this you should be fine!

Instagram competitions with ridiculous prizes

One of the best ways to attract loads of people to an Instagram competition is to offer some truly outrageous competition prizes, and whilst it is genuinely feasible for some large companies to follow through on these, most people cannot.

In fact, lots of fake Instagram competitions are run by profiles who are claiming to be a much bigger company or brand. Taking a rational look at the prizes they are offering is one of the best ways of spotting a fake Instagram competition profile.

Instagram competitions with loads of contestants

Some of the biggest Instagram competitions are completely genuine, don’t get us wrong, however do you really want to be entering an Instagram competition with hundreds and thousands of other contestants? Your odds of winning the Instagram competition in question will be tiny, so maybe it is best to have a think about how sensible this is.

As many an expert comper will tell you, prioritising your time is essential when you are entering online competitions and trying to win. With this in mind it could be a better idea to direct your attention at other Instagram competitions that will give you slightly better chances of winning.

Instagram competitions that ask for too much information

Carrying on from the fact that you need to prioritise your time when it comes to Instagram competitions, you should also avoid ones that ask for too much information in exchange for entering.

Not only will these Instagram competitions take a lot longer to enter, but you will also be giving away lots more of your personal details, and this always results in the risk that your data will be farmed for nasty purposes such as excessive advertising.

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