Capital city quiz (Top tips)

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Funny isn’t it? Your whole life you go through school absolutely hating exams, but then as soon as people get out all they seem to want to do is do things like Buzzfeed quizzes, pub quizzes or general knowledge quizzes – and they’re essentially just exams, aren’t they? Entering a quiz is a lot more fun than an exam in most cases though, especially if you end up winning!

Here at Winzum we absolutely love keeping you guys winning, something that extends far past just our online competitions. In fact, the Winzum team more than enjoys a good quiz, and we’re more than happy to spill the beans on how to win quizzes more often.

We are full of quiz tips you know, so if you want to learn more about how to win a quiz you better listen up. Keep reading for some top tricks in regard to the capital city quiz, and remember to check out our article on the 50 states quiz for some more geography quiz inspired help [the 50 states quiz].

Treat the capital city quiz with respect

The No. 1 rule by far with the capital city quiz is the essential need to treat it with nothing but respect. Sure, you might have got an A* in Geography at GCSE, but that is no reason to believe you will be able to name all of the capital cities in the world.

People enter capital city quizzes without actually thinking about the true extent of them all too often, and all it results in is a fair amount of embarrassment when they can only actually name a handful of capital cities.

Do your research on niche capital cities

The vast majority of capital city quizzes these days will randomly generate countries for the quiz questions, so this means that naturally there are over 200 possibilities to what you might be asked. It is therefore a great idea to do your quiz research on capital cities, because doing so will help you spot the niche ones.

So, what is the capital city of Turkmenistan then? Or Honduras? Perhaps you’d find Mauritania easier? At Winzum we’re nice, so we’ll tell you the answer to these, but you’ll have to research the rest! They are Ashgabat, Tegucigalpa and Nouakchott respectively.

Buy a globe (why not?)

Globes have been known to put the fear of God into flat earth conspiracy theorists, and they are also a fantastic way to decorate a boring room too. There are many reasons for buying a globe already, but these items are additionally great for people wanting to practise their capital city quiz knowledge.

So buy a globe. Just do it. Why not? It might just help you win a capital city quiz and win an awesome prize!

Test your capital city quiz knowledge with friends

The great thing about the capital city quiz is that it is something that you can practise with your friends and family pretty much all the time. Obviously don’t go overboard – nobody wants a mate who can’t stop rattling off countries – but if you spend a bit of time practising between each other every now and again it’s not going to hurt.

Discuss those capital cities! Not only will it help you win any potential capital city quizzes you might enter, but it will also improve your geography knowledge across the board.

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