Things to remember during a sports trivia quiz (Top tips)

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Over at Winzum we are an online competition platform first and foremost, however helping our lovely competition community in any way we can is also top of our agenda too.

Everybody knows how popular quizzes are these days, especially in these strange pandemic ridden times, and you may have already seen a set of pointers we gave for people trying to win a music trivia quiz [things to remember during a music trivia quiz].

Well, we thought we’d continue helping you guys navigate the world of quiz questions, because after all, everyone’s a winner with Winzum. Sports trivia questions are an essential part of many pub quizzes and general knowledge quizzes, and there is bound to be at least a few quiz questions relating to this. Let’s have a look at some crucial things to remember during a sports trivia quiz.

Some of the most famous Olympians

The Olympics is without a doubt the most famous sporting competition on the planet, and its roots go all the way back to Ancient Greece too! There are bound to be several sports quiz questions relating to this extraordinary sporting event, so it is a good idea to recap some of the most famous Olympians before you enter a sports quiz.

Obviously we cannot list them all for you, however here are some sporting figures you will definitely want to remember. Us Brits will know all about the athletes Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis, for example, but what about the Kenyan marathon runner Erick Wainaina? And don’t forget the swimmer Michael Phelps, who is the most successful Olympic athlete of all time!

Who has the world record for what?

Quizmasters love throwing in niche sports trivia questions in things like pub quizzes, so it is a good idea to know a few sporting world records. There are so many quiz questions that could relate to this, therefore you are never going to know them all, however a little bit of research can go a long way.

The 100m sprint world record is common quiz question to ask, and that goes to the legendary Usain Bolt with a quite frankly bonkers speed of 9.58 seconds. What about who has won the most male tennis grand slams? It’s your boy Roger Federer, with a remarkable 20.

Football crazy, football mad

Some of the most popular quiz questions in sports quizzes will almost certainly relate to the world of football, something that is especially true for pub quizzes. So, which club has won the most Champions League trophies, for example? That will be Real Madrid with 13. And which country has won the hallowed World Cup the most times? It’s Brazil of course, winning it 5 times in their history!

Some of the most outrageous sporting stories from over the years

One of the more niche themes for sports quiz questions comes from an appreciation of the most outrageous sporting stories from over the years, so let’s list a few. Back in 2005, for example, Liverpool were losing 3-0 against AC Milan in the Champions League final, before bringing it back in the second half and winning it!

We must also remind you of the 2019 Cricket World Cup Final, where the match between New Zealand and England was decided by a boundary count for the first time in the competition’s history.

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