Winzum BETA Blast-Off!


As Winzum prepares for the highly anticipated Beta launch, our attention has turned to letting our loyal community know about all the exciting stuff coming up on the horizon. We’ve spent the last few months listening to your feedback and putting measures in place to create an even better user experience than before, now it’s time for the next stage to commence!

A Playstation 5, Winzum tokens, and plenty more incentives are up for grabs as we hit the ground running. We’re going big on our Beta launch, ensuring all entrants will come out with something to smile about. We need your help too, which we’ll reward handsomely, of course. Leave a comment on our feedback widget and enter surveys after competitions to receive extra Winzum tokens you can use to enter all manner of competitions for free.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we roll out numerous giveaways for you guys to check out. Join the Winzum Beta launch club to get involved from the beginning, subsequently enjoying various extra benefits and incentives. Want free Winzum tokens, a chance to win an in-demand Playstation 5 and plenty of other enthralling prizes? Don’t miss out on the Beta launch.

So new Winzum users can familiarise themselves with our innovative and community-obsessed competition platform, we’ve put together a story of our origins, ambitions, and core beliefs.

Winzum is a community-focussed online competitions platform that stands completely against the entirely commercialised and faceless norm. Our passion for giveaways is underpinned by a constant desire to give back to our audience and wider society, be it through absolutely wicked prizes, charitable donations, or platforming new and exciting brands, artists, event organisers, musicians, and more.

Everybody wins with Winzum, which is something we are consistently striving to uphold. Over the past couple of years, our tight-knit team of super techy geeks and digital marketing gurus have been refining and honing our competition platform with one ear pinned firmly to feedback from our customers and brand partners. The result: a flexible, automated platform lovingly crafted to maximise engagement, functionality, and – above all else – fun!

Behind the scenes, we are incredibly careful with customer data to ensure your privacy is rigorously maintained. Unlike some of the other nasty competition platforms out there, your data is never for sale – it’s just not how we roll. Aside from offering the most exciting competition prizes possible, the bottom line is keeping our community safe. Luckily our tech gurus know a thing or two about online security, so it’s happy days all-round.

We’re monumentally excited for Winzum’s next chapter to play out, with a brand spanking new website further enhancing our innovative social approach to online giveaways. If you want to know more, what are you waiting for? Keep reading for the lowdown.

Doing Online Competitions the Right Way

Competitions, lotteries, and raffles are nothing new. In fact, they have been around since the dawn of civilization. However, Winzum brings a new approach to the 21st century online competition zeitgeist, inspired far more by community and a benevolent ethos than unrealistic prizes offered by platforms simply looking to harvest your data and move on.

We do online competitions the right way. That means wholesome prizes, often from smaller independent brands, a colossal focus on user safety, and a transparent approach to charitable donations. When you enter a Winzum competition, there are a few keys things you’ll know with certainty each time:

  • Your personal data is 100% safe and never for sale.
  • 25% of competition profits will be donated to charity.
  • You’ll encounter absolutely no spam after your entry.
  • The more people that enter, the better the prize will become.
  • You’ll receive exclusive discounts and other perks from numerous brands after the initial competition.

Our tech gurus, digital marketing whizzes and prize-hunting fanatics have years of experience in the online competitions field, but this isn’t the only thing we’re leaning on. There’s only so much we can do on our own to create the best platform around, and this is where you come in.

Winzum is constantly looking for user feedback so we can continue refining our approach to online competitions. The Beta Mode of our site is currently open to a handful of users that are helping us with valuable feedback and user data. This is indispensable in our continued quest to genuinely do online competitions the right way.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?

There are so many online competitions platforms, but what sets Winzum apart from the rest? We’re often breaking the mould with our unique and exclusive prizes, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our dynamic, engaging, and downright fun platform has a variety of unique selling points that genuinely sets us apart from the rest:

  • Referral Scheme: Winzum rewards users with competition credits in exchange for referring their friends and helping our community grow. Our platform is geared towards a communal approach to giveaways, where things like our innovative “Level-Up” competition mechanic boosts the excitement as more people get involved. It also means we can give more back to charities and help new businesses with funding opportunities.
  • Community-led Competitions: You may have noticed we say the word “community” rather often, but it’s at the centre of the Winzum project, so there’s no avoiding it. Spread the word with your pals, and you could all end up winning more, as our competition prizes get juicier and juicier the more people are entering. In some cases, sharing our giveaways with friends can even improve your chances of winning the ultimate prize combinations.
  • Charitable Fun: 25% of all Winzum competition profits are automatically donated to charities chosen by our community. We’re big on giving back, and this is a fantastic way to get you all involved at the same time. Not only do Winzum entrants get the exciting buzz of winning the latest prizes, but you also donate to charity in the process. Everybody’s a winner!
  • Runner-Up Rewards: We’re bringing second back, as Winzum competition runners-up are also treated to various rewards and discount vouchers from our brand partners. Ultimately, everybody wants to be a winner, so we decided to abolish the losers from our competitions. Instead, runners-up are simply smaller winners – neat, isn’t it?
  • Exclusive Partnerships: Our prizes often involve independent artists, brands, and event organisers, as we love creating working partnerships with these types of businesses. Aside from passionately made and often-unique products, this gives us the opportunity to forge closer ties, resulting in more exciting prizes for our winners. Sometimes, we’ll even have special one-off prizes.

Those are just a few of the unique selling points making Winzum tick. Check out the rest of our website to see how else our online competition model benefits you guys, independent businesses, and various charities.

How Winzum Works

We wanted the Winzum entry process to be as straightforward as possible so you can spend more time entering exciting competitions and less time wondering what on Earth is going on. These steps are easy to understand regardless of your technological proficiency:

  1. Register with Winzum to unlock a personalised dashboard and other cool benefits. You can sign up with an email address or through Facebook and Google. You’ll be asked for minimal extra information during the registration process, which will be stored securely and never put on sale.
  2. After signing in, you’ll find numerous tantalizing Winzum competitions on the homepage. The more you use our platform, the more personalised these will become.
  3. Found a competition that suits your fancy? Click on it to start the entry process. Most of our Winzum giveaways require a small entry fee, although if you earn enough free entry credits through our innovative Earn Mode, you could enter for free. We pride ourselves on offering an accessible platform for all, so Winzum community members can enter competitions for free by clicking the free entry button and following the instructions. Alternatively, there is also a free postal entry route to our competitions.
  4. You will also need to supply a valid mobile number when entering. Don’t worry, we only contact entrants using this if they are the competition winner. Our prizes are so good we cannot bear the thought of them going to the wrong person or not reaching their destination. Although it is turned off by default, you can also toggle on SMS marketing messages to keep you in the loop with your favourite brands and any of our standout competitions.
  5. The Winzum experience doesn’t end with simply entering a competition. Make sure you share it with your friends to boost the number of entrants and, therefore, the size of the prize. You could even enhance your chances of winning…
  6. We’ll contact everyone after the giveaway is over, either to tell you that you’ve won or to hit you up with some exclusive discounts as a thank you for taking part.
  7. And remember, 25% of all competition profits go directly to charities we collaborate with you guys to choose!

A Democratic Approach to Competitions

We pride ourselves on offering a democratic approach to online competitions open to all. If you cannot afford entry to a Winzum competition you’re excited about, referring friends is a simple way to earn free credits. We are big on user feedback too, especially in these early stages as we continue to hone the Winzum platform to make it the best it can possibly be.

So, keep an eye out when we ask for user feedback, as we will reward users with free entry credits and other Winzum rewards in exchange for helping out. With your assistance we can make our platform accessible to all and as awesomely fun as possible. Everyone wins here: you receive incentives, we get valuable feedback, and new users get the best online competition service around.

Our democratic approach to competitions doesn’t end here either, as we’re also encouraging smaller businesses and brands to approach us for fundraising opportunities. If you’ve got an idea you’re excited about but don’t quite have the resources to make it happen, let’s talk! You never know what we could achieve together.

The Data Speaks for Itself

Winzum is always looking to better itself in any way we can, which is why the past couple years of tinkering have been so essential in finetuning the platform. We’re always looking for feedback from our community so we can continue to make the best online competition site possible.

Additionally, as part of our development process, we ran some competitions on a prototype version of our system with a small set of users. The results were fantastic! We had almost 2,500 competition entrants, with a 9,000-database reach and more than 8,000 hits on social media. This was all from a small pool of users over just 10 days, so it’s clear people are liking the way Winzum works.

Speaking of data, we’d also like to reiterate our complete and utter dedication to keeping your personal data safe. We handle everything in the business-to-customer relationship ourselves to ensure full safety and privacy. There is no spam on the menu with Winzum either, so you can rest assured entering a competition won’t result in an email inbox full of sales emails you couldn’t care less about.

Past Giveaways We’re Chuffed With

Winzum is a new and exciting platform, but that doesn’t mean we’re not experienced. Over the last couple of years, we’ve ran several giveaways we’re really chuffed with, blending various target audiences with exclusive and unique prizes. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Exclusive sold-out Break USB: We got our hands on one of an incredibly limited run of bespoke wooden USBs from the iconic drum & bass producer Break filled with tunes never to be released properly. These sold out incredibly quickly, and our Winzum giveaway was the only place to get one.
  • Tokyo World tickets giveaway: Tokyo World has become one of the standout day festivals of the summer, situated in Bristol’s Eastville Park. Last year we gave two lucky entrants the chance to win a free pair of tickets for a lineup that included the likes of Burna Boy, Basement Jaxx, and Annie Mac.
  • Turner & Walker Pet Portrait: One of our favourite giveaways to date involved the amazing Turner & Walker, who create personalised pet portraits in various styles for their customers. Ever wondered what your dog would look like as a regal gentleman? Or if your cat somehow became the Queen of England? One lucky winner got to find out!

How We’re Giving Back to Charities and Local Communities

Giving back to society is a vital part of what Winzum is about. Up to 80% of competition profits are given away to charitable organisations we have direct partnerships with. At an absolute minimum, we’ve we’ve pledged to give at least 25% of all competition profits to charities, which we’ll collaborate with you lot to choose. Going forward, that’s the blueprint, and we’re incredibly excited to see how much we can all raise together.

Charitable donations are nothing new, mind you. It’s been a central part of what Winzum’s about since the very start. For example, after a giveaway involving a couple of signed Roni Size records we were able to donate £200 to the Bristol Children’s Hospital Cancer Unit. We also ran an exclusive NHS keyworker giveaway with a £150 SpaSeekers voucher up for grabs as a way to give back to the heroes helping us through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Winzum has constantly got one ear pinned to our competition community, so make sure you get in touch with any charity fundraising ideas. We’re passionate about giving back, and we want to get everyone involved with this. Our door is always open – don’t hesitate to get in touch with any ideas.

What Does the Future Hold?

Winzum is in an extremely exciting moment as we gear towards a full-scale launch of our new-look competition platform. The future is just as exciting, with various perks and additions to the site in the works. We’ll let you into a little Winzum secret coming soon: Earn Mode.

You can earn tokens through various free methods on our site using Earn Mode. A switch in the top banner of our site turns this on or off, and there is never any obligation to activate it if you don’t want too.

Once activated, Earn Mode enables advertising from our brand partners. However, unlike regular advertising, whenever you view an advert on our Winzum platform, you’ll earn free entry competition credits at the same time. Save those pennies because entry to our competitions can be completely free if you’re savvy enough. We cannot wait to launch this innovative new feature. Keep your ears open for more information on this.

We’re outrageously excited to launch the next chapter of Winzum with a top-of-the-range new site, several added features, and a whole host of fantastic giveaways. As our platform grows, there’ll be all manner of opportunities for brands, customers, and more. Stay with us, as this is just the beginning!

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