How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning Online Competitions

Winning competitions Online

Paid and free to enter competitions have become very popular as the age of the Internet has progressed, and there are now millions of people out there who are trying to win competitions pretty much every day.

Unfortunately, however, winning competitions isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, and unlike us most platforms only give out prizes to the sole winner (rude, we know). Over at Winzum everyone’s a winner, and just to drive this point home we have created a neat little article on how to increase your chances of winning online competitions.

Understand the competition requirements

An essential part of entering paid and free to enter competitions is simply understanding the entry requirements. A little research goes a long way, you know, just like a little revision probably helped you achieve better grades at school.

At Winzum we are always here to help, but there is little we can do if you misunderstand the competition requirements and end up wasting your chances in the process…

Increase your odds by buying smart

Just like with things like the lottery or casino games, online competitions are all about chance and luck, however there are varying ways in which you can increase this so-called “luck”. In fact, competition meaning is completely based on the concept of probability, and if you can increase your odds you stand a much better chance of winning competitions.

Buying smart is the best way to do this. For example, choose a competition with slightly less contestants, or if possible buy multiple entry tickets – you might just find it results in you being the lucky one!

Sharing is caring

At Winzum we are very firm believers that sharing is caring, hence why we are sharing these tips on how to win competitions. Sharing is caring is a great principle when it comes to this, especially on our platform, where anybody sharing a competition will receive special prizes and better overall odds of winning the competition prize.

You can read more about this with our step-by-step guide on entering competitions on our wonderful Winzum platform here [step by step guide].

Don’t trust everything on face value

How many times have you seen something outrageous like a second-hand Concorde be marketed as a competition prize? Sure, you might love a brand-new McLaren Formula One car that couldn’t be claimed by the original competition winner for an unnamed reason, but do you really think the truth is being told?

Seriously. Don’t be a lemon. If an online competition prize looks too good to be true it almost definitely is. Save your money and enter a competition where you might actually receive the prize in question, on Winzum perhaps…

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