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Winzum Benefits competitions

It’s competition time

Why would you choose to enter online competitions with us at Winzum over anyone else? Aside from the fact that we are categorically the best of course…

Winzum wasn’t created to steal your data, nor was it created to establish a faceless revenue stream. We’re just like you at heart, and for this reason we are devoted to creating an online competition platform that has a series of unique benefits.

Everyone’s a winner

Everybody likes to win competitions, but unfortunately in reality there can often only be a handful of winners. At Winzum, however, we’re flipping the script, and providing competitions to enter that give small rewards to anyone who has signed up to them. It’s that simple!

Enter online competitions in peace

There are a range of free to enter competitions around these days, but how many of them have actually got the customer in mind? Unfortunately the online competitions UK market can all too often be used by nasty companies who after your precious data, something that Winzum stands passionately against.

When you enter competitions on our platform we pledge to keep your data secure and private. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – we’re treating our Winzum community just the same as we’d like to be treated ourselves.

We are fun

We are fun; it’s just how we roll. Competition time means fun time for us over at Winzum, which is why we are always staunchly committed to providing exciting competitions for a range of demographics.

Think of us as part sensible parent, part fun-loving uncle. Sure, we’re serious when we need to be, with data security for instance (you can read more about that here [importance of data security]), but by and large our mantra is to keep things as fun, care-free and exciting as possible.

Winzum is a wholly unique online competition platform

Our blend of free to enter competitions and paid competitions is nothing new, but the way we go about offering these things is completely unique for many reasons. For a start we want to see everybody winning, not just a select few, because we believe that this is the best way to create a genuine community.

Moreover, we want to help brands too, and the best way to do this is through establishing lasting connections between customer and company. Put simply, we revel in introducing like-minded people to each other, forming a genuine online competition community.

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