Winzum Competitions Primary Brand Objectives


We have thought long and hard about Winzum’s position in the wider world of online competitions, something that has resulted in a number of primary brand objectives that truly set us apart from the rest. Let’s be honest; most online competitions are not run with the customer in mind, but this couldn’t be further from the truth on our UK competitions platform.

At Winzum we are always ready to excite you, and always ready to shower you in gifts… Don’t believe us? Get a load of these brand objectives!

Fun is the name of the game

All smiles; that’s the overarching goal with Winzum, and it means that we are always looking for new ways to make our paid and free to enter competitions as innovative and exciting as possible. When it’s competition time, it’s also fun time – these two things are massively linked!

The concept of fun bleeds into everything we do, from the aesthetic design of our website, to the way we promote our online competitions and brand partners. If it ain’t fun, it just ain’t worth doing – that’s the mantra!

Chicken dinners all round

We want you expecting a lovely hot chicken dinner every time you enter an online competition, not a real one of course, but you get the idea: we want you to always leave a contest with something.

Winzum competition prizes come in many different shapes and sizes, you see, and even if you aren’t lucky enough to win the main prize, there will always be other wicked things like brand discounts rewarded to all participants.

Our commitment to data security and transparency

Let’s get deadly serious for a second, because data security and brand transparency are probably the only things that we are not willing to joke about at Winzum. There are far too many online competition sites out there these days that are just glorified data farms, and that’s not us at all.

The importance of data and cyber security is paramount in today’s highly connected online society, something that we take very seriously indeed. You can read more about how to keep safe with online competitions here [The importance of data & cyber security].

Connecting innovative brands with hungry customers

Let’s talk about some more fun brand objectives, shall we? At Winzum we are committed to becoming the bridge between innovative brands and hungry customers, which is why we endeavour to provide as much information as possible about our various competition partners.

Contestants will also have the option of keeping up to date with a specific brand hosting an online competition with us, ensuring that everybody remains engaged to all the things they love the most.

It’s not just competitions

Of course, Winzum isn’t just about the competitions either. For example, we are seriously dedicated to helping out with a range of charities chosen by our competition community, and always welcome suggestions from you lovely lovely people.

We also know how hard it can be for small start-up companies and businesses, which is why we are intent on giving anyone we can a leg up through our tightknit community – everyone’s a winner!

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