The 50 states quiz: what is it?

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If you are an avid quiz fan you would have almost definitely heard of something called the 50 states quiz, however for many of us this probably doesn’t mean much on first glance. Now, you must know what we’re like at Winzum by now – we love to help you lovely lot out in any way we can, so we thought, why not give a bit of info about exactly what the 50 states quiz is?

These days there are so many different types of quiz to choose from if you want to test your knowledge. Pub quizzes, general knowledge quizzes, trivia quizzes, Buzzfeed quizzes, Harry Potter quizzes… The list can go on indefinitely! This is why we want to say a little about the 50 states quiz, because you might just find it to be the perfect quiz for you.

A brief overview of the 50 states quiz

Now, many of you guys will probably already be able to guess what the 50 states quiz is, because there is a rather famous country in the world that happens to have exactly 50 states… That’s right, the United States of America! The 50 states quiz is therefore a quiz in which contestants have to name all 50 US states without (and we cannot stress this enough) the help of a map.

As a result the 50 states quiz is often one of the most popular geography quizzes in popular circulation today, especially if you happen to be an American. The history of the 50 states quiz stretches back to 1959, as this is when the final two states – Hawaii and Alaska – were added to the USA.

The 50 states quiz in popular culture

The 50 states quiz is commonplace in most US schools, as it is an essential part of their geography after all. It is also remarkably popular across the world, however, which just speaks volumes about the cultural capital that America continues to have – it has even infiltrated the world of quiz questions!

By far the most popular example of the 50 states quiz in popular culture has to be in the hit TV show Friends, where Ross Geller hilariously struggles to name all 50 states, and is unable to eat his tantalizing thanksgiving dinner before he completes it.

Things to remember during the 50 states quiz

One top tip for people trying to complete the 50 states quiz can be taken from Ross’ tactic, but hopefully it will aid you more than it did him. The popular TV character laid out all the states on a map of the US, hoping that it would help him complete the quiz (spoiler: it didn’t, but it might help you).

Additionally, it is always a good idea to try and remember some of the lesser known US states such as North & South Dakota or Vermont. Also remember why the 50 states quiz is called the 50 states quiz, because of the two late additions of Hawaii and Alaska!

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