How to keep your data secure in the modern world

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As wonderful as the technologically advanced modern world we live in can be, you also have to be aware of the potential downsides when it comes to the Internet, especially in regard to things like fraud, cyber attacks, phishing and other examples of fraudulent activity.

In fact, in order to stay safe online you really do have to know how to keep your personal data secure, and that is something that we are extremely committed to helping you do over at Winzum. Just check our blog post on the importance of data and cyber security available here [the importance of data and cyber security] for confirmation.

Indeed, everything we do at Winzum is designed to be fun and exciting, but it is also devised to be as safe as possible for you lovely lot too. There is only so much we can do to protect you from things like phishing scams and other online fraud, however, so keep reading to find out a few ways to ensure you are keeping your data as secure as possible.

Always check the true email sender before clicking on any internal links

Phishing is one of the main ways in which nasty criminals will try and access your personal data such as bank account passwords, so it is very important you know exactly how to combat this.

In essence, phishing is a type of cyber attack where somebody sends you an email pretending to be a genuine company, and attempts to make you click on a malicious link that can infect your computer with malware or hack into your personal user profiles.

In the modern world phishing scams are mainly delivered via email, so you should always be on the look out for emails that don’t look quite right. Beware, because some of these can look completely legitimate on first glance, however as soon as you check the true email sender you will realise it is an example of a phishing attack.

Make sure you are only giving away your personal details on platforms you trust

Winzum is a platform you can trust, and for added confirmation of this you only have to read about all the computer wizardry our boffins do to make this certain [how Winzum keep your data secure]. The harsh reality, however, is that you cannot trust every single online platform you encounter these days, and it is therefore important to only give away your personal details on a website you can genuinely trust.

This is a huge part of how to stay safe online, however it isn’t always obvious how to tell whether or not you can trust a specific website. An SSL certificate is a key way of finding this out, and is evident whenever there is a lock symbol in the URL search bar of your browser.

Create different passwords for each user profile

The scary thing about cyber attacks like phishing scams is that they can very easily turn into something far worse if you have made the silly mistake of using the same password for each one of your user profiles.

It is cyber security 101 to make sure you have different passwords for each user profile you have, because this will mean that even if a fraudulent attack is successful, it cannot spread to anything else.

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