Things to remember in an animal quiz


Did you know that the word quiz was originally invented as a nonsense word in Dublin [about the word quiz]? Or at least that’s how the story goes… That was back in the 18th century, and nowadays quizzes are anything but nonsense, in fact they are extremely popular ways to have fun, test your knowledge and learn new things in the process.

Over at Winzum we’re big fans of various types of quizzes, and as often seems to be the case with us, we’re also committed to helping you lovely lot out in any way we can. Animal quizzes can often be some of the most fun and enlightening, helping to increase our appreciation of the natural world. It got us thinking, what are some essential things to remember during an animal quiz?

Mammal, reptile, bird, amphibian or insect?

Do you know your animal classifications? This is definitely one of the most important things to know when it comes to animal quizzes, as there are bound to be a few questions at least revolving around this. Can you tell your mammal from your bird, for example? Or reptile from your amphibian? It’s vital if you want to win an animal quiz!

And remember, whilst most animals fit quite neatly into one of these groups, there are a few curveballs. Whales and dolphins are mammals, for instance, which can surprise some people who just assume they’re fish. And don’t get us started on the duck-billed platypus, a particularly strange type of egg laying mammal.

Endangered and extinct animals

Sadly there are quite a lot of endangered and extinct animals in the 21st century, which his actually one of the biggest reasons why animal quizzes are so popular, as they help to alert us of the devastation being caused to the natural world. It’s not the nicest thing to know, but having a good idea of endangered and extinct animals will definitely help your animal quiz success.

The dodo is the main one, of course, but don’t forget about other important animals like the Javan rhino and Sumatran elephant, animals that are sadly on the edge of extinction.

Where does each animal live?

Here’s another important thing to remember during an animal quiz: where does each animal call its home? For many species the answer is far too broad to really base a quiz question off of it, however for animals like the wombat or aye-aye it’s certainly possible.

These two animals come from Australia and Madagascar respectively, and are great examples of animals to remember during an animal quiz.

Animal world records

Another common thing to base animal quiz questions on are the various animal world records, such as the fastest animal, strongest animal and most widely seen animal. There is almost certainly going to be a question like this during an animal quiz, so make sure you know at least a few animal world records!

For example, what do you think the fastest animal in the world is? This could easily be a trick question, as most people will probably think straight to the cheetah, which is the fastest land animal, but it isn’t as fast as the peregrine falcon if you take all animals into question…

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