New Year's Eve Carnival Extravaganza: Rumble in the Jungle x Propyard


Get ready to bid farewell to the 2023 in the most vibrant and unforgettable way at the Rumble in the Jungle x Propyard New Year's Eve Carnival! This incredible event will take place on 31st December 2023, from 20:00 to 03:00 at the spectacular Propyard in Bristol.

A World of Colour and Sound:

Step into a world of colour and sound as Rumble in the Jungle and Propyard join forces to create a carnival experience like no other. This is where the magic happens, where they seamlessly blend carnival vibes and musical genres from all corners of the globe. Get ready to be transported into a world of music and celebration.

Four Stages, Countless Memories:

This New Year's Eve celebration is spread across four distinct areas within the incredible Propyard venue, located in the heart of Bristol. Each area promises a unique and unforgettable experience, making this a night to remember.

Line Up:


  • Calyx & Carasel
  • SECRET HEADLINER (the mystery is part of the thrill!)
  • Harriet Jaxxon
  • Benny Page b2b DJ Hybrid
  • Doktor Live PA
  • Bish b2b Noisy Antics & Rivibes
  • Katalyst b2b Frenetic & Jordy G


  • Chloé Robinson b2b DJ ADHD
  • Denham Audio
  • Longeez
  • Dual Monitor
  • DJ GAW 140 Set
  • REA

FIESTA TENT (Bands and DJs):

  • Dr Meaker Live
  • Dutty Moonshine (DJ Set) feat. MARIA
  • Prince Fatty & Horseman
  • Stone Cold Hustler
  • Checkmate
  • More Than Music:

Beyond the incredible lineup, the New Year's Eve Carnival at Propyard offers a host of other attractions and experiences to make your night truly special. Explore art installations, be dazzled by circus performers, and meet fascinating walkabout performers. When hunger strikes, indulge in the offerings of delectable food vendors. And all around you, you'll find immersive decor that transforms the space into a visual wonderland.

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Countdown to a Colourful New Year:

As the clock counts down to midnight, join fellow revelers in a breathtaking celebration of colours, music, and the promise of a brand new year. The Rumble in the Jungle x Propyard New Year's Eve Carnival is an event like no other, a place where memories are made, and the spirit of celebration is alive.

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