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Tokyo World Festival is an annual music festival that began in 2014 in Bristol, UK. The festival attracts a diverse range of music lovers and has grown significantly over the years to become one of the most popular festivals in Bristol, since its inception. The festival has gained momentum over the years and had its best year yet in 2022.

It brings techno pioneers, rap royalty, and the cream of UK bass music to Eastville Park. The festival has now announced its dates for 2023, which are September 16th and 17th. Various prices for day and weekend tickets are available.

The festival has come a long way since it started, and its growth has been impressive. It began with just a few stages in 2014, but it has continued to expand and bring in more exciting acts each year. Tokyo World Festival has become a significant event in the UK music calendar, drawing large crowds from all over the country and beyond.

Additionally, the festival has always made it a priority to bring well-known pioneers of the music industry, which makes it even more attractive to music lovers. Although the festival has become an annual staple in Bristol, the organisers have continued to add new twists and surprises to keep the festival fresh and exciting. In 2023, Tokyo World Festival promises to be even bigger and better, with more surprises in store.

The popularity of the festival in Bristol is evident by the high demand for tickets each year. The festival is a major event in Bristol's cultural calendar and attracts visitors from across the UK and beyond. Many people look forward to the festival each year, and it has become a significant part of the city's identity.

Looking forward to the Tokyo World Festival 2023, the event is expected to be even bigger and better than ever before. The festival organisers have promised to bring together a diverse range of performers, including both established and emerging artists. Fans can expect a range of music genres, including hip-hop, grime, techno, and more.

In terms of growth, the festival has expanded significantly since its inception in 2014. The organisers have worked hard to create a festival that offers something for everyone, and their efforts have paid off. Tokyo World Festival is now one of the biggest music festivals in the UK, and its popularity continues to grow year on year.

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