Ujima Radio: A Cultural Beacon in Bristol


Bristol's sonic landscape is about to hit a crescendo as Ujima Radio gears up for an electrifying Celebration Party, marking an incredible 15 years of broadcasting excellence. However, this year's festivities hold a poignant significance as we come together not only to celebrate but also to honor the memory of one of our own.

Last week, we received devastating news within the Ujima family—Asher, a cherished member, passed away unexpectedly. In recognition of Asher's immense contributions and the legacy he leaves behind, the upcoming Celebration Party on Saturday, December 9th, 2023, will be dedicated to him.

The Grand Celebration: Ujima Radio's 15th Birthday Bash

Ujima Radio, a cultural cornerstone in Bristol, is set to host a momentous Celebration Party on Saturday, December 9th, 2023, from 8 pm to 2 am. The enchanting Bristol Beacon, specifically in The Lantern Room (Bristol BS1 5AR), will be the epicenter of a night brimming with live performances by CELESTINE, J Ellis & Lixen Khan, the Ujima Showcase, and an additional highlight—a special Wordlife Showcase presented by Krazy.

This dynamic Wordlife Showcase, featuring a number of the Wordlife crew (to be confirmed), will include powerhouse singers Krush and Marns, alongside a lineup of some of Bristol's most talented MCs and artists under the Wordlife umbrella.

Your Ticket to the Party: Powered by Winzum Tokens!

In the spirit of celebration and remembrance, Winzum members have the unique opportunity to earn tokens by actively engaging with adverts and inviting friends. These tokens serve as the golden keys unlocking additional entries, enhancing your chance to win four exclusive tickets to this extraordinary event.

Stellar Lineup and Hosts: A Musical Journey

The Celebration Party promises a stellar lineup that will make your heart race. Live performances by CELESTINE, J Ellis & Lixen Khan, the Ujima Showcase, and the special Wordlife Showcase will create a symphony of celebration. Wordlife's Krazy, along with additional hosting by Plus I, will ensure that every moment is as vibrant as the music itself.

Save the Date and Sync Your Rhythm!

Lock in Saturday, December 9th, 2023, on your calendar, and prepare for a night that will become a part of Bristol's musical history. The Celebration Party kicks off at 8 pm, and the rhythm is set to carry you through until the early hours of 2 am. This is an invitation to join the city in celebrating Ujima Radio's 15th Birthday in style, powered by the engaging spirit of Winzum Tokens and dedicated to the memory of Asher.

Conclusion: Dance into the Beat with Winzum Tokens!

As anticipation builds, remember that the path to winning those four golden tickets is paved with Winzum Tokens. Ujima Radio's 15th Birthday Celebration is not just an event; it's an opportunity to make memories, and Winzum Tokens are your backstage pass to an unforgettable night. Get ready to dance, celebrate, and groove into greatness! Good luck!

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