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We’re full of cracking online competition giveaways over at Winzum… After all, it’s quite literally the way we roll! A core part of our philosophy here is offering an even spread of enticing online competition prizes for every corner of the Winzum family, and one important part of that is the wonderful world of music…

For all of the Drum & Bass enthusiasts out there, do we have a prize for you! Back on the 30th of October the illusive and legendary producer Break put up a very limited edition USB of brand new unheard tracks up for sale, and now you have the chance to win it.

These songs will never go on general sale, and Winzum were fortunate enough to grab a USB to give away to one of you lucky lot! It sold out in less than 24 hours, so these are in very hot demand indeed..,

Break: One of the finest names in Drum & Bass

Break is in a rare group of music producers that are so good they don’t even need to have much of a social media presence. Like his compatriot Calibre, for example, the Bristolian Drum & Bass legend has carved himself out a space as a bona fide seminal icon, becoming known for a crisp, versatile and bruising style of Drum & Bass and Jungle music.

He’s extremely prolific too, with five full-length albums under his belt, as well as a multitude of singles and remixes – it’s been a busy couple of decades for this pioneering DJ and producer. Break’s sound veers through the many different subgenres of Jungle and Drum & Bass, however it always retains a unique, organic and wholly musical feel that can only be described as quintessentially Break.

“Free Your Mind” with legendary MC Fats is an incredible Reggae infused Jungle track, for example, whereas “If I Could” with Jack Boston and Kyo is a jazzy homage to the old-school Drum & Bass sound pioneered by figures such as Roni Size and Adam F.

“Inside”, a collaboration with SpectraSoul takes this genre fluidity even further, with a warped out Trip-Hop inspired half-time cut. You never know what you’re going to get with Break, the only certainty is that it’s bound to be incredible!

A bit about Symmetry Recordings

Although Break himself is absent from social media, you may have encountered his seminal label Symmetry Recordings on platforms such as Facebook. The imprint is where the majority of Break’s music has come out in the past, and as a result it has gained a huge following over the years.

Break established Symmetry Recordings back in 2006, with the label quickly becoming the go-too place for Jungle and Drum & Bass fans across the world. Nowadays Symmetry Recordings is undoubtedly in the top-bracket of Drum & Bass labels, with an immensely strong back-catalogue keeping people coming back again and again.

What is the Break Dub Pack?

Now then, onto the prize itself: the Winzum Break USB Dub Pack giveaway is something we are extremely excited about, mainly because it is one of the only ways that you can get your hands on a selection of super-exclusive new tracks from the one and only Break.

Not only will these tracks never come out in the future, but they haven’t even been sent out to DJs either – they really are gold dust! The USB is also beautifully carved out of a lovely lightwood, with its own bespoke box to match. This seriously is not something that any Jungle or Drum & Bass fans will want to miss out on.

How to enter the Winzum Break USB Dub Pack giveaway

Running extremely exciting online competitions for our wonderful online competition community is the name of the game at Winzum, however we are also committed to making the process as easy as possible.

In order to enter the Winzum Break USB Dub Pack giveaway all you have to do is head over to our competition landing page by clicking the image below.

You’ll be asked for your email address to enter, this is so that we can contact you if you win, Once you've confirmed your email address and that’s it, you're entered! Happy days.

Look out for 'Confirm Your Email Address' email from Winzum, as it may land in your spam / trash folder by mistake. If you do not confirm your email address you will not be entered into the draw.

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