How to keep busy during lockdown


2020 has been an exceptionally strange year, hasn’t it? At Winzum we’re sure everybody had high hopes, with jokes such as “2020 vision” circulating in January, and a general optimism purveying through society. But then along came the global Covid-19 pandemic, something that has proven to be a massive disruption for people all around the world.

In the UK we have all been subjected to lockdowns that have meant we must stay indoors as much as possible, and this has subsequently made it quite hard to actually keep busy. At Winzum we absolutely love to help out our wonderful online competition community, so we thought we would give a few key examples of how to keep busy during lockdown…

Learn a new skill

If there is one positive to take from lockdown it is the fact that it has slowed down our lives for the most part, something that can be boring, but also can be a prime opportunity to put the time into learning a new skill. Let’s be honest, modern life can be relentless, so this really is a golden opportunity to finally put the time into learning something new.

So, pick up that dusty guitar in the loft this lockdown, or alternatively get those old acrylic paints out and make yourself a masterpiece!

Remember you don’t always HAVE to be busy

Okay, this is a slightly contradictory thing to say considering the title of this Winzum article is how to keep busy during lockdown. Regardless, it is very important to remember that you don’t always have to be busy during lockdown – it can also be a great time to fully unwind.

Don’t feel guilty if you find yourself trapped on the sofa in front of the TV, for example, especially during this second autumn lockdown where the weather isn’t nearly as nice. All that being said, you should always try and spend time outdoors too!

Create your own quizzes

Quizzes can be a fantastic way to keep morale high during lockdown, and they are especially good for keeping in contact with friends and family over things like Zoom. Not only that, but in the act of creating your own quizzes you will find yourself learning a whole load of new facts that you can use in the future too!

We compiled a guide to thinking up the best pub quiz questions here [your guide to thinking up the best pub quiz questions], so feel free to use it in your own quiz making endeavours.

Do as much outside exercise as possible

This year more than any other has taught us the value of spending time outdoors, and it is essential that you try to do as much outside exercise as possible this lockdown – even if its just a walk!

Seriously, at Winzum we absolutely love the feeling of wind blowing through our hair, or the sun shining down on our skin… You just cannot beat it! Not only is it great for mental health, but doctors have also proven outdoor exercise to be massively beneficial for our overall body health too.

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