Winzum Spotlight: Platform B


You probably get the picture by now: here at Winzum we style ourselves as an online competition platform first and foremost, but we’re actually so much more than just that. One of our core objectives is to make sure that everybody’s a winner, which ties in nicely with our Winzum Spotlight series, where we’re committed to shining a well-deserved light on the people that deserve it most.

This week we’re taking look at Platform B, a next-generation youth-led radio station that has had a huge impact on the Brighton music scene over the past several years.

If you’re not familiar with the creative bubbling going away in the city at the moment we must also point you in the direction of Off Licence Magazine, a platform we covered in a previous Winzum Spotlight [Winzum Spotlight: Off Licence Magazine]. Without further ado though, let’s get stuck into the Platform B Winzum Spotlight…

Who are Platform B?

Platform B is a not-for-profit radio station that has been broadcasting out of its home at the popular music venue The Green Door Store since 2016, initially solely online, before gaining FM and DAB licences since October 2018. Over this time the station has rapidly expanded, quickly becoming one of the most influential platforms in the city.

Platform B also hold regular pop-up broadcasts across Brighton, ensuring that their presence in the city goes above and beyond just broadcasting quality music. Some of the most exciting musicians and DJs in Brighton now hold down Platform B residencies, with the likes of Off Licence Magazine, Henna and Nelson Navarro staples of their scheduling.

Platform B: Leading the way in youth and community led radio

Tune into Platform B on 105.5 FM and you will be almost certainly met with some amazing music from across the spectrum of jazz, rap, indie, R&B and dance, but this isn’t even the best thing about the station. Oh no, because Platform B is a quintessentially youth-led platform, directed by a new wave of hungry DJs, producers and presenters determined to revolutionise radio with diverse youth programming.

Without Platform B there would be a whole community of young aspiring musicians, DJs and presenters without a place to hone their craft or receive valuable training – their impact truly is vital. We spoke about how important things like this are to aspiring musicians too; you can revisit the article here [top tips for aspiring musicians].

A truly exciting future lies ahead…

For a radio station that has only been running since 2016, Platform B have had an impressive run of successes, firmly establishing themselves in Brighton as the go-too destination for finding new talent. And they’re keeping their feet well away from the brakes, with a load of exciting new stuff on the way!

For example, thanks to the Youth Music’s Incubator Fund Platform B have been able to launch their own breakfast show called The Rising, “Brighton & Hove’s first next gen breakfast show to empower and uplift the voices of the city”. Over at Winzum we’re incredibly excited to see how it pans out!

Keep an eye out for music orientated Winzum giveaways!

That’s just about it for this week’s Winzum Spotlight, where we shone a light on one of the most inspiring radio stations around these days – Platform B. The only thing left to say is this – don’t miss any future music orientated Winzum giveaways!

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