Saving for a house? 5 Winzum top tips


Knowing how to save for a house can be an extremely daunting thing, especially seeing as there isn’t really anything else out there that requires nearly as much financial planning and security. As always with us here at Winzum though, we’re down to give you a helping hand, particularly when it comes to important life events like this.

There are plenty of ways to save money, however when it comes to saving for a house you really need to up your game. With that mind, get ready for 5 Winzum top tips for how to save for a house…

Set your goals and find the optimal savings account

One of the main things to do before you even get into the nit and gritty of money saving for a house is to set your goals. It will be a lot easier to achieve if you know exactly how much you need to save from the outset, so this is a truly crucial step.

Additionally, finding the optimal savings account is key to knowing how to save for a house, because different banks can have varying interest rates, and saving incentives too.

Be strict with your paycheck

It is crucial that you are strict with your paycheck when it comes to saving money for a house, and here at Winzum we would advise placing a set percentage of it into your savings straight away every month if you can.

We explored this method in our previous article on a few of the best ways to save money here [a few of the best ways to save money], and it takes on extra significance in relation to how to save for a house.

Don’t lose sight of the eventual goal

Let’s be honest here; saving for a house certainly isn’t on the level of saving for a new television, mobile phone, or even car. There is a lot more money involved, which means that it can take longer, and become easier to lose sight of the eventual goal.

In these instances it’s always important to remember why you’re saving – in order to buy a house! It ultimately unlocks a whole new world… No more renting, no more dodgy landlords – keep this at the back of your mind when time are tough.

Think tactically about your weekly essential spending

Here at Winzum we’re pretty sure that most of us can cut down on our weekly essential spending if we really tried, and if you’re clever about it you wouldn’t even really notice either. We actually explored this in a previous article; you can have a gander here [how to save money on weekly essentials].

Even if you end up saving something small like a tenner or twenty quid a week, over the course of the year this can be a few hundred pounds of easy savings!

Check out government help to buy schemes

These days you would also be somewhat of a fool if you didn’t check out the various government help to buy schemes that are available, as they can be a seriously big help.

Without these help to buy schemes many of us could be stuck saving for years and years – check them out to quicken process!

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