4 reasons why PayPal is the best


You really don’t have to be a genius to appreciate quite how much the world has changed due to the emergence of the Internet as a genuine commercial platform open to everyone. In fact, here at Winzum we simply wouldn’t be able to exist without it. At the very least it would be a lot harder for us to keep offering top-tier and unique online competitions.

There are numerous companies who have made a name for themselves because of the Internet, but there aren’t many more who have had as much of an impact as PayPal. We explored the history of PayPal here [a history of PayPal], but you know what? That wasn’t enough for us over at Winzum, so we decided to compile 4 reasons why PayPal is the best for you!

Solid customer protection

Something that many people often tend to forget about PayPal is how great the company is for customer protection, and you really cannot take that for granted in today’s world. For example, PayPal run their own service for customers that have been scammed by sellers, or for items that ended up lost in the post.

By using this you can get a full refund from PayPal after a mediation process where they seek to understand exactly what happened. It’s a great thing to know about PayPal, and if you’re looking for more informative stuff like this we’d like to point you in the direction of our PayPal tips and tricks article available here [PayPal tips and tricks].

Remarkable ease of use

One of the main things that ends up attracting people to use PayPal is how outrageously easy it is to use, as you can pay for things over the Internet simply by logging in with your username and password. Gone are the days of searching for the debit or credit card when online shopping, PayPal has made it so much simpler!

And here’s the thing: because of PayPal’s strict insistence on customer safety and security, this method of paying for things is no less safe than the traditional method. In fact, because of the PayPal customer protection schemes it can even be safer.

Commercial partnerships

PayPal properly burst onto the scene as a result of their incredibly successful partnership with eBay, and ever since the company have been particularly skilled at forging new commercial partnerships. Just like with Winzum competitions, everyone’s a winner here – the consumer gets an easier customer experience, and both PayPal and their partner receive more attention.

Aside from how easy it makes things, these commercial partnerships also give PayPal more of a solid stature, and make it more likely for consumers to trust the company with their online financial transactions.

Added customer incentives

Another reason why PayPal is surely the best way to pay for things online is the amount of customer incentives that the platform gives. For example, there are multiple opportunities to earn rewards like cash back if your credit card is linked with PayPal – find another online payment system that offers that!

And it’s not just credit card users that can benefit from PayPal customer incentives, as they regularly run incentive programs for all kinds of customers.

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