A brief overview of Buzzfeed quizzes (The best 4)

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Legend has it that the word quiz was only invented due to a bet made by a wealthy Dublin theatre owner, in which he claimed he could invent a nonsense word and have the whole city know it by the very next day. Whether this really happened or not is still up for debate, however there is no denying the popularity of quizzes today.

Let’s be honest here, everybody loves a quiz these days, whether they be pub quizzes, general knowledge quizzes or one of the many different variations of trivia quiz. In the 21st century it is Buzzfeed quizzes that have really become some of the most popular examples of quizzes, mainly because of their blend of community spirit, humour and genuine insightfulness. At Winzum we love spreading knowledge, so hold tight for a brief overview of Buzzfeed quizzes.

What is a Buzzfeed quiz?

Put simply, a Buzzfeed quiz is a quiz that can be found on the popular community website Buzzfeed, however the quizzes available here are slightly different to the types found elsewhere. You see, Buzzfeed quizzes often seek to teach you something about yourself, rather than just being a simple knowledge test.

More often than not this is done using quite a comical and current topic, such as different types of food or popular TV programs. For example, a Buzzfeed quiz called “We Can Guess Your Age Based On The Characters You Prefer”.

Can you win anything from a Buzzfeed quiz?

The short answer is no; you cannot actually win anything physical from a Buzzfeed quiz, however that isn’t really the appeal of Buzzfeed quizzes anyway. In reality people love entering Buzzfeed quizzes so much because they are regularly very funny, and can be a light-hearted way to enter the quiz experience.

Although you cannot win anything physical from a Buzzfeed quiz, you sure can climb the rankings amongst your friends with quizzes like Only A True Disney Fan Can Identify These Characters From Just Their Hair. And anyway, what’s better than beating all of your mates in a quiz? Nothing.

Why do people love Buzzfeed quizzes so much?

So, if you can’t win any actual prizes from Buzzfeed quizzes why are they quite this popular? There are a number of reasons for this, however probably the biggest one is the community aspect that you get from Buzzfeed quizzes, something we are also very keen to promote at Winzum too.

Aside from this, Buzzfeed quizzes can often be some of the most whimsical and funny online quizzes around, so they are regularly used for some good, honest and lighthearted fun. You can find more reasons why people love Buzzfeed quizzes so much here [why do people love Buzzfeed quizzes].

Some great Buzzfeed quiz examples

But enough of the Buzzfeed quiz chitchat, let’s take a look at some of our favourite examples. For example, if you want to have a bit of nostalgia soaked fun with a Buzzfeed quiz check out this one – Only 2000s Kids Will Recognise All 20 Of These Celebs.

Or perhaps you are a Disney fan and would like to test your geography skills with the Buzzfeed quiz How Good Is Your Disney Geography?

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