Some online security basics


Aside from always trying to give you lovely lot the best online competition prizes possible, here at Winzum we’re also passionate about looking out for our wonderful online competition community. We try to do this in many ways, and it’s the reason why you can find loads of useful advice on our blog, from PPI scams [PPI scams and what to look out for] to malware [how to tell whether you have become a malware victim].

One of the most important things by far to be aware of in the 21st century is the importance of online security, because without this you stand to lose a huge amount. Internet security is paramount these days, mainly because most of our sensitive personal data is available to nasty criminals if it isn’t adequately protected. Stay tuned for some Winzum online security basics…

Don’t get complacent with password strength

Here at Winzum we’re willing to bet that pretty much every single one of you will have an online password for something, but are you taking enough care not to be complacent with your password choice? Password strength is something that is commonly not taken seriously enough, and can easily lead to account hacking.

When creating a password it is crucial to have a variety of different characters and symbols, otherwise your password strength is going to be pretty weak. Additionally, expert guidance now argues that passwords should be phrases rather than just words. There are some more password strength tips here [top tips for passwords].

Never pay for goods on a website without an SSL certificate

Online data encryption is absolutely vital in the world of e-commerce, because without it criminals could very easily intercept your valuable financial information, which will easily lead to serious financial fraud. Luckily every single reputable e-commerce site will have an SSL certificate, something that enables an encrypted connection.

And how do you know whether or not a website has an SSL certificate? Just look for the golden padlock in the URL search bar of your Internet browser. SSL certificate’s really are vital to Internet security, you can read more about them here [what is an SSL certificate].

Make sure you have anti-virus software installed

It may sound like a complete no-brainer, but if you want to make sure you have solid and infallible online security you simply have to have some anti-virus software installed. No matter how hard you try, there are always going to be some bits of malware that slip through the net, however this doesn’t have to be a huge problem with adequate anti-virus software. Sure, some of the best anti-virus software can be fairly expensive, but it’s more than worth it if it helps you keep your Internet security as safe as possible. Over at Winzum we explored some of the best anti-virus software providers [some of the best anti-virus software] for you too!

Never publicly disclose your personal data

Because of the modern era of social media there are now more opportunities than ever for cyber criminals to take advantage of any time somebody mistakenly discloses their personal data on a public platform. It is really important that you steer clear of doing this, as it can have serious implications.

Even writing something like your mobile phone number down publicly on Facebook can have grave consequences, mainly resulting in cold calling and telephone fraud. Don’t do it!

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