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Throughout the existence of us humans on Earth the art of quizzing has been something that many different people have enjoyed. It is therefore probably surprising to learn that the word quiz is only a few hundred years old, and didn’t always have the meaning we associate with today, but there is more on that in this article [origin of the word quiz].

In the modern world everybody loves a quiz, whether it be a Buzzfeed quiz, pub quiz or even a Harry Potter house quiz. This has taken even more relevance in 2020, as the global pandemic has forced people to devise their own quizzes and quiz questions in order to keep themselves occupied.

In recent years Buzzfeed quizzes have become extraordinarily popular, so being the nice people we are at Winzum we thought we’d list a pick of the best Buzzfeed quizzes for your enjoyment.

The Younger You Are, The Worse You’ll Do On this Quiz

This Buzzfeed quiz was “specifically written for people born between 1946 and 1964”, with quiz questions that are all focussed on cultural artefacts from the mid-to-late 20th century. Obviously it is going to be a lot of fun for the so-called “boomers”, however this Buzzfeed quiz has also been attracting lots of younger people keen to test their knowledge.

You know how it works, don’t you? So many aspects of modern youth culture involved looking back to times like the 60s or 80s, and there is therefore no wonder that out of all the Buzzfeed quizzes this one seems to resonate as much with the older generation as it does with the younger one.

This “Two Hit Wonder” Quiz Will Be Very Hard For Everyone Except Millenials

Buzzfeed quizzes are great, aren’t they? Not only are they fantastic fun, but they are also responsible for popularising phrases such as “two hit wonder”. In this one the quiz questions revolve around predominantly 90s and 00s pop singers who had not one big hit, but two!

Know who sung “Girls On TV” and “Summer Girls”, for example? What about “Gotta Tell You” and “Baby Come On Over”? If the answer is yes to these quiz questions this is the Buzzfeed quiz for you.

We Can Guess Your Age Based On The Characters You Prefer

Things like a personality quiz have always been rather popular, however Buzzfeed quiz have flipped the script here, offering a set of quiz questions that can accurately guess your age.

Like many of the Buzzfeed quizzes available these days there are many nods to popular culture here, with your age being estimated in relation to the characters of popular TVs series that you identify with the most.

It’s Time To Find Out If You’re A Biscuit Or A Scone

Ah yes, the question that is undeniably on everybody’s lips – are you a biscuit, or are you a scone? Buzzfeed quizzes can be remarkably funny, and this one is a great example of why. The quiz questions are actually more normal than you would think too, with things such as “What do you do when you wake up?” and “Choose some lunch”.

We wonder how these things would influence whether you are a biscuit or a scone, but that’s the beautiful thing about Buzzfeed quizzes, they can either be fairly serious, or delightfully silly.

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