How to win a pub quiz every single time

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Over the last several decades UK pub quizzes have become one of our finest cultural exports, with people all over the world now enjoying pub quiz inspired knowledge contests. This kind of general knowledge quiz has proved to be a hit, as it has successfully fused the good old-fashioned pub drinking experience with an exciting competition element too.

We all love to win competitions, but this takes on even greater weight when you are winning competitions in a pub atmosphere with a group of good friends. Something we like to say over at Winzum is chicken dinners all round [Winzum brand objectives], and with that in mind we thought we would show you lucky people the best way to win a pub quiz every single time.

Choose the right pub quiz squad

First things first; you are going to have real trouble trying to win a pub quiz without the right pub quiz team. Obviously, pub quizzes are places to enjoy yourself with friends, however if you really set on winning a pub quiz you might have to make some difficult decisions.

When forming the perfect pub quiz squad it is important to make sure that there are various aspects of general knowledge being covered. Try and form a team that has specialised knowledge in various things like music, sports and general culture.

Go easy on the beers

Pints, pints, and more pints. That is the general idea when people visit their local booze palace, but in the context of pub quizzes it is something you are going to need to keep in check. Because let’s be honest; is it really a good idea to try and win a pub quiz after several alcoholic beverages?

Whether you like it or not, pub quizzes need to be approached with a degree of caution. Pub quiz questions aren’t exactly easy, and if your brain has been clouded with a little too much alcohol you may not perform quite as well as you’d think.

Don’t be afraid of a bit of revision

Revision is a bit of a dirty word for school children who would rather be playing with their friends, but there is no denying the fact that it is incredibly useful for answering a range of quiz questions. Before you hit a pub quiz up set aside a little time to read up on your general knowledge, not only is it interesting, but it could help you win too!

And things get even better if you can convince the rest of your pub quiz team to revise as well. Honestly, this is probably the best way to ensure you are winning pub quizzes as much as possible. Make sure you are constantly listening

When it is pub quiz time, it is pub quiz time. Remember that. One of the silliest things people can do is enter a pub quiz and then repeatedly fail to listen out for the questions. Not only does this hamper your chances of actually winning anything, it will also anger the quizmaster and other contestants.

Get to the pub early and get the conversation out of the way first, because when the quiz starts it is time to get serious!

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