Tips for a Christmas quiz

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After the year we’ve all had it truly seems like Christmas cannot come quick enough. A time for families to reunite and recharge after the gruelling several months, it has always been the season to be jolly, but this time around it is going to be even more important.

Regardless of whether they are in person or over things like Zoom, Christmas quizzes are a fantastic way to get family and friends together and have some fun. This has always been the case mind you, however we are anticipating a massive rise of Christmas quizzes in 2020

Over at Winzum we’re big fans of quizzes too, seriously big fans! You might remember our article exploring the intriguing history behind quizzes [a brief history of quizzes], for example, or our guide to winning pub quizzes every single time [how to win a pub quiz every single time]. Put it this way: when it comes to quizzes we know what we’re doing, and being the nice people we are we thought we’d help you lovely lot out with some tips for a Christmas quiz.

Make sure your Christmas trivia is up-to-scratch

One of the main things to remember when it comes to Christmas trivia quizzes is the fact that you have a solid basis when it comes to guessing what some of the quiz questions are going to be about. There are no excuses here: you have to make sure your Christmas trivia is up to scratch!

So, did you know that Santa Claus’ outfit was originally predominantly green? And it was only changed to red by Coca-Cola? Or that KFC is a traditional Christmas meal in Japan? If not you better get working on your Christmas trivia!

Think tactically about who is creating the quiz

Some Christmas quizzes aren’t made by anyone you know, however, if your family and friends have decided to create their own Christmas quiz it is a prime opportunity to switch on your tactical quiz brain.

Find out who is in charge of the Christmas quiz questions, and then brainstorm to see what the most likely things they are going to ask will be. You can then do a targeted research session, and hopefully you’ll therefore know a host of the answers!

Assemble the best Christmas quiz team you can

Is your Christmas quiz a team quiz? If so this is a golden opportunity to try and assemble the best Christmas quiz team that you possibly can. Just think about it: if you know that you can trust each member of your Christmas quiz team you are bound to do well – it’s a no-brainer!

Another thing to remember here is to make sure that your Christmas quiz team is full of people with different knowledge specialisations, this way you know that you’ve got all potential quiz question angles covered.

Watch the Christmas wine!

Obviously nobody is saying that a healthy amount of Christmas wine is illegal during a Christmas quiz, however you will definitely want to watch yourself when it comes to your alcohol consumption.

Your Christmas quiz score is bound to go down the drunker you get, and nobody wants to face the embarrassment of losing the Christmas quiz just because they were too drunk!

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