Top tips on how to save money on weekly essentials


How to save money… It’s a problem that most of us run into quite often, and for many people it can be a rather scary proposition too. But here’s the thing: over at Winzum we don’t think that the money saving question needs to be frightening, because there are a few key financial management musts that can easily help you out.

Indeed, at Winzum we love to help out, and we’ve already explored a few of the best ways to save money in our blog here [a few of the best ways to save money]. But what about how to save money on weekly essentials? Weekly essentials can end up being the biggest drain on your bank balance, but by following a few of these how to save money on weekly essentials tips we’ll have you covered!

Plan those meals

A common mistake that people make these days is not thinking far enough in advance regarding their meals. If you are wondering how to save money, yet are going to the shop every day to make your dinner, for example, there’s definitely something wrong.

Planning those meals for several days in advance means you can go to the shop once a week and buy everything you need, it really is a fantastic way to keep your food shopping as cheap as possible. Furthermore, the added bonus here is that you will find yourself cooking more too. Health management as well as financial management!

Create a tactical shopping strategy

Not everybody has the time to follow a truly tactical shopping strategy, but if you do why not put in the extra effort? A create tip on how to save money on weekly essentials is to have a gander and find out which shop sells which items the cheapest.

After doing this you can work out an exact shopping route, optimising a cost-effective strategy for buying your weekly essentials. You might find Aldi perfect for cupboard stuff, for example, but Tesco better for fresh produce. Mix and match for the ultimate weekly essential money saving experience.

Reuse what you can and eliminate waste

One unfortunate side of our modern world is the fact that we are all complicit in a hell of a lot of food wastage, and addressing this is not only good for the environment, but is also a great money saving tip. Obviously, you cannot reuse everything whilst cooking, but there’s more than you might think.

Want to know how to save money on cooking oil, for example? This can be reused if you’re tactical! Or why not use bones from a chicken to make a stock and soup?

Take an environmental approach to heating, water and electricity

Understanding how to save money on weekly essentials is as much about utility bills than it is food, so taking an environmental approach to heating, water and electricity is a great tip for financial management. So, careful with that heating, for example, and make sure all of your light bulbs our energy saving.

You may not see a stark difference in your bills, but you know what they say – every little helps. Even if you save £20 a month collectively, that’s still over £200 a year!

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