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Whilst we’re probably better known for our exciting array of online competitions, here at Winzum you might have noticed that we also have a particularly passionate interest in quizzes too. After all, everybody loves a quiz, and the history of these things is pretty damn special too [a brief history of quizzes]…

At Winzum we’re always trying to look out for you guys, something that has made us determined to reveal as many top quiz tips as possible, so you can get winning, and stop losing.

Just check out geography quiz cheat sheet here [a pick of the best geography general knowledge quiz question answers]. We thought we would continue with these quiz theme, so stay tuned for a few top tips for winning a flag quiz…

Make sure you understand the flag quiz basics

As with most types of quiz, one of the most vital tips with the flag quiz is simply to understand the basics of how everything works. The premise behind a flag quiz is quite simple to recognise – it is basically a question of knowing as many different flags and their countries as possible.

But here’s the thing: whilst the basic mechanics of a flag quiz are largely going to be the same, the way the questions are asked can differ. Will be it multiple choice, for example? And how many flags will you need to choose from? Get in the know before you begin the quiz, your chances of success will be fair larger.

Buy a flag book and take a short look every day

If you really are determined to become a flag quiz pro we would definitely recommend getting your paws on a flag book, because this is the ultimate tool to revise your flag knowledge with. Not only this, but it’s fascinating actually have all of the flags of the world laid out in one place too.

Getting a book is the first step, but then you will also have to commit yourself to taking a short browse through it every day. It isn’t the hardest thing to do mind, and it could make all the difference when you enter a flag quiz.

Memorise the coolest looking and most niche flags

Unless you have superhuman memory powers there is absolutely no way you are going to be able to memorise all of the flags in the world, however that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid a bit memorisation.

A Winzum top flag quiz tip is to choose a few of the coolest looking and most nice flag designs to memorise, because this way at least you have a few in your locker! You’ll also find the more niche flags are probably easier to remember too.

Create a winning flag quiz team!

Now, not all flag quizzes are going to be individual competitions, and if you ever have the chance to join a flag quiz as a team there is a golden opportunity to carry out yet another Winzum top tip – make sure your team is full of winners!

Obviously this isn’t the simplest thing to make sure of, but if you can focus on bringing together a team full of flag fanatics you will be well on your way to victory. Check out our other blog article for even more top quiz tips [tips and tricks to maximise quiz success].

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